Ready to learn how to outline and structure your novel in 7 easy steps?

In the Seven Point Story Structure series you will learn:

What the Seven Structure Points are …

Where to place them in your story for maximum effectiveness …

… and how they can be used to create your plot arc and character arc.

Let’s dig in!

Story Structure Goals

First and foremost … following this structure framework will lead you to develop the core structure of your novel.

You will have a solid resolution planned out in advance.

A beginning that will allow for dramatic character and plot arc.

A mid-point that sets your character into action toward his story goal.

And four other critical points that will seemingly structure your story from beginning to end.

NOTE: before starting. In order for this structure to work effectively, start with the resolution first before starting with the hook.

Seven Point Story Structure Layout

Free Bonus: Download a step-by-step checklist that will show you how to quickly structure each point within the Seven Point Story Structure framework.

Also to note that these seven points can be used on secondary characters, sub-plots, and other elements of your story to add depth and detail.

Additional Resources

Beyond learning the Seven Point Story Structure there are additional elements of writing that are invaluable for you to learn. Some of these elements include:

Character development.

Elemental genres.

Crafting a scene.


Point of view.


To help you out in learning these other elements of the writing craft I’ve put together a resource page that breaks down various writing books based on a specific writing goal.

You check out the resource page here.