My objective with this blog is to be your test dummy in the writing world. My aim is to provide you writing tips and advice based on what I have learned from both research and study on the craft, as well as lessons learned during my own writing journey.

My hope is to build a community of writers that encourage and motivate each other to keep writing until the end.

This community will also serve as a place for us all to discuss tips, tactics, and techniques that we have learned along the way, so we can share with new writers just starting out – we know it can a be scary place when you first decide to be a writer.

How Writers to Authors Helps You

As writers, most of us are on the same path; write to get published. This blog attempts to help you in that process by providing advice in:

As the site grows and the writer grows, it will cater to the advanced writer who is ready for:

  • Creating an author’s platform (to include a Social Media presence)
  • Developing a marketing campaign
  • Providing publishing ideas (self vs. traditional)

We are all on this journey together. We all want to become authors one day…

History of Writers to Authors

Writers to Authors was created by J.R. Hall as a way to track his journey in becoming a professional writer and provide writing advice to others along the way. The site launched in January 2014 and has grown quickly and steadily by the drive to help new writers grow and through the support of the subscribers of this blog.

About Me

Jason McCollyHi! My name is J.R. Hall and I am the founder and Senior Writer of My first love – besides for my Lord and family – is for the fiction novels that fill my computer and my head. I am is also a freelance blogger, content editor for clients, and curriculum builder for a my local church.

When not writing, and spending time with my family, I spend most of my time and lot of my money learning and researching the craft of writing. I have a passion to teach others the lessons I have learned and share the knowledge of this exciting field. I started my writing journey in 2012 and haven’t slowed down since.